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Musical Instruments for Sale

These instruments are available now! If you would like to play any of them please contact me for an appointment.


The restoration of this guitar, a rather nice old Panormo with ivory frets, can be followed on:
Panormo Guitar Restorations



A restoration of a 1849 Louis Panormo guitar completed in my workshop in 2015 that is now being offered for sale.
Full information and photos of the guitar are at:
1849 Guitar Restoration

The guitar is tuned to concert pitch with Nylgut Alabastro Light 19th century guitar strings. It plays well, with good tone and remarkable volume for a small instrument. The price for the guitar and coffin case is £4250. It can be shipped worldwide.

String length: 630.5mm
Overall Length: 944mm
Width of upper bout: 240mms
Width at waist: 182mm
Width at lower bout: 298mm
Height at upper bout:91mm
Height at lower bout: 97mm
Nut width: 46mm
Distance between 12 fret and 1st string; 3.2mm
Distance between 12 fret and 6th string; 3.1mm
Weight: 1.13kg



A new 8 course Renaissance lute with string length of 600mm, tuned to g and strung with Kurschner strings. The 13 rib body is figured sycamore, the fingerboard and soundboard edging are Indian rosewood, the bridge pear and the pegs plum. The soundboard is Swiss pine (picea abies).

The height of the strings measured from the bottom of the string to the top of the 8th fret is 2.5mm for the 1st course and 2.9mm for the 8th course. The lute plays easily with excellent tone and projection.

Price of £3500 includes a new blue Kingham (made to measure) case. It can be shipped worldwide.

Already sold from this page

Early 19th century guitar by an unknown maker - now in Austria
2005 10 Course Lute by Arthur Robb - now in Washington, D.C.
1980 7 Course Lute by Robert Shreiner - now in Norway
1978 8 Course Lute by Fleeson- now in Stroud, Glos.
1998 8 Course Lute by myself - now in Kiel
1829 Louis Panormo - now in Madrid
Late 18th century Longman & Broderip English guittar - now in Norway
1989 Linklater 7 course lute - now in Birmingham
1973 Eight Course lute by Michael Sprake - now in Denmark
1827 Louis Panormo Fecit - now in Wittenberg, Germany
17 inch Apple iMac late 2006 - now in Exeter
Imperial Boosey and Hawkes flugalhorn - now in New South Wales
Rose Morris trombone - now outside Swindon, Wiltshire
Brian Knowles Lute - now in Belgium
1996 Refig 7 course lute - now in Montreal, Canada
1836 Louis Panormo - now in Glastonbury
1849 Louis Panormo guitar - now in Northumberland
Henry Holmes 1969 10 course lute - now in Southampton
Carson Crickmore 00 acoustic guitar - now in Cornwall
1833 Louis Panormo guitar - now in Denmark
2000 Arthur Robb 8 course lute - now in Denmark
Charles Ford Renaissance Lute - now in Japan
Aria Maestro Guitar - now in south Wiltshire
Persian Santur - now in Lisbon
Baroque Lute - now in Japan
Five String Banjo - in the north of England
Inexpensive Violin and Case - in south Gloucestershire