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Musical Instruments for Sale

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A previously owned ten course Renaissance lute. String length 600mm with a body of English cherry with black lines, Swiss pine soundboard, rosewood finger board, pear bridge and plum pegs.

The nut overhangs the edge of the neck by a few millimetres to keep the neck slimmer. The ruler shows dimensions of the string spacing. The string spacing across the all ten courses on the bridge is 117mm.

Price of £2000 includes a new blue Kingham (made to measure) case. It can be shipped worldwide.

Already sold from this page

1829 Louis Panormo - now in Madrid
Late 18th century Longman & Broderip English guittar - now in Norway
1989 Linklater 7 course lute - now in Birmingham
1973 Eight Course lute by Michael Sprake - now in Denmark
1827 Louis Panormo Fecit - now in Wittenberg, Germany
17 inch Apple iMac late 2006 - now in Exeter
Imperial Boosey and Hawkes flugalhorn - now in New South Wales
Rose Morris trombone - now outside Swindon, Wiltshire
Brian Knowles Lute - now in Belgium
1996 Refig 7 course lute - now in Montreal, Canada
1836 Louis Panormo - now in Glastonbury
1849 Louis Panormo guitar - now in Northumberland
Henry Holmes 1969 10 course lute - now in Southampton
Carson Crickmore 00 acoustic guitar - now in Cornwall
1833 Louis Panormo guitar - now in Denmark
2000 Arthur Robb 8 course lute - now in Denmark
Charles Ford Renaissance Lute - now in Japan
Aria Maestro Guitar - now in south Wiltshire
Persian Santur - now in Lisbon
Baroque Lute - now in Japan
Five String Banjo - in the north of England
Inexpensive Violin and Case - in south Gloucestershire